Children’s Health

Children’s Health

We offer childhood services ranging from newborn checks to offering all childhood immunisations and the management of childhood illessness. Children up to 16 years of age are bulk billed. Book Online (03) 9791 0777

Men’s Health

We know that men can find it uncomfortable when visiting their GP so we endeavor to provide a safe and relaxing environment for our male patients to feel at ease. Issues specific to men such as erectile dysfunction and prostate checks can be managed without embarrassment. Book Online (03) 9791 0777

Women’s Health

All doctors are well versed in women’s health and can offer professional advice on a range of issues that are important to women. These include issues important for younger women, such as contraception, family planning, menstrual disturbance and sexual health and those which concern more mature women, including menopause and osteoporosis. We specialise in preventative … Read more

General Health

We’re a traditional practice that service in all areas of General Practice, including women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, chronic illness management, preventative medicine and minor surgery. All practitioners are passionate about caring for newborns, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. All practitioners offer experience in counseling for various issues, such as smoking cessation, weight management … Read more